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State Audit Office of Latvia marks its centenary

24/11/2023 On the occasion of the centenary, the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia introduced the notion of AUDIT STRENGTH and organized a conference on 16 August 2023 with the intention to look back on the foundation and essential “turning points” in the history of the State Audit Office and the Republic of Latvia with the aim to evaluate SAI Latvia’s contribution to the overall growth of the country, based upon which a short film was launched on the important role of supreme audit institutions and their impact on society. Full report (pdf 310 kB).

Eurosai Audit Database - Map

30/10/2023 The number of audits shared in the EUROSAI Database of Audits increased slightly in the third quarter 2023. Exactly 23 audit results were newly published. However, the smaller number of new audit reports do not make them less interesting. For example, SAI Poland has uploaded an audit report on "Pollution in the Baltic Sea depths". Also, you can find there new audit reports on assistance and social integration of refugees carried out by SAI Lithuania and SAI France. You can see a visualisation of the statistical data as of 30/09/2023 in this interactive map...

Auditor General of SAI North Macedonia in Prague

The Auditor General of the State Audit Office of North Macedonia visits the EUROSAI President in Prague

25/10/2023 23 October 2023, Mr Maksim Acevski, the Auditor General of SAI North Macedonia, visited Prague to learn about the EUROSAI activities and the course of the EUROSAI Presidency. EUROSAI databases, EUROSAI Secondment Programme, BIEP and the work of several EUROSAI Projects Groups were the key topics of discussions.

24/10/2023 Video from the EUROSAI WGEA meeting in Prague, 25. – 26. September 2023

Eurosai Audit Database - Map

17/07/2023 The number of audits shared in the EUROSAI Database of Audits is still growing. In the second quarter of 2023 alone, individual contributors added results of 95 new audits there. You can see a visualization of the statistical data as of 30/06/2023 in this interactive map. SAI Czech Republic, responsible for the Database, highly appreciates the work of all EUROSAI members, who have devoted their time to sharing their knowledge through the EUROSAI Database of Audits.

4th EUROSAI Governing Board meeting

29/03/2023 On 27-28 March, the 4th EUROSAI Governing Board meeting at technical level was held in Jerusalem. The various working and project groups reported on their activities and future plans. Israeli colleagues, who will take over the EUROSAI Presidency from the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic next year, presented the programme of the next EUROSAI Congress. Last but not least, the participants worked on the new EUROSAI strategic plan. A total of 25 representatives from 12 SAIs arrived to Jerusalem for the meeting.

Jana Ahcin and Miloslav Kala

The President of the Court of Audit of Republic of Slovenia visits the EUROSAI President in Prague

02/03/2023 At the turn of February and March, Ms Jana Ahčin, the President of SAI Slovenia, visited Prague to learn about the progress of the EUROSAI Presidency. EUROSAI databases, SG1 and SG2 project groups, BIEP and the upcoming EUROSAI events were the key topics of discussions.

Online meeting SG1

Projects of the EUROSAI Presidency under the EUROSAI Strategic goal 1

26/01/2023 The total number of 57 representatives from European SAIs met online in January, 25 to evaluate the annual progress of the EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1. The meeting was moderated by SAI Germany with the support of SAI Lithuania. The Czech Presidency reported on BIEP, the EUROSAI Databases and the upcoming statutory and other meetings of the organisation.

Delegation from the SAO SR

The President of Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic visits the EUROSAI President in Prague

26/01/2023 Mr Ľubomír Andrassy, the President of SAI Slovakia, paid a one-day visit to Prague to discuss the pitfalls and benefits of the current EUROSAI Presidency with the President Miloslav Kala. On this occasion, he also visited the future headquarters of SAO CR.

16/11/2022 EUROSAI Governing Board Portfolios - video for INCOSAI 2022 in Brazil


31/05/2022 The President of EUROSAI sincerely thanks all representatives who have attended and contributed to the EUROSAI Post-Congress Get-Together in Prague. You can find a small reminder of the unforgettable times in the Gallery section. Please follow this website for summaries of the workshops and further follow-up information that will be uploaded gradually.

26/01/2022 The EUROSAI Presidency Team has compiled a selection of Season’s greetings from our colleagues in EUROSAI in a short video which you can watch below. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the lovely wishes we have received – we wish we could fit them all in the video, but it would go on for hours...



As we try to make the choice of topics as wide as possible, we have taken all areas of audit life into consideration. We are happy to present a brief overview regarding the 9 workshops of the Prague Post-Congress Get-Together to you.

Upcoming Events

EUROSAI Presidency Programme 2021–2024

Presidency starts: The XI EUROSAI Congress, 14 April 2021
Presidency ends: The XII EUROSAI Congress to be held in Israel in May/June 2024

What should EUROSAI look like in 2024?

The objective of the SAI Czech Republic Presidency of EUROSAI is to offer EUROSAI members platforms to promote and further develop cooperation among SAIs and EUROSAI working groups and project groups. As recent events have shown, international cooperation has become even more important, especially on issues related to pan-European topics such as health care, environment, transport, etc.

Our aim for EUROSAI is to respond flexibly to the challenges of modern times and to seek appropriate responses to provide added value to its members and to the citizens of each country. In this respect, SAI Czech Republic will encourage EUROSAI members to cooperate more closely in finding audit methodologies and procedures.


effectiveness, efficiency,

communication, cooperation, comparison

information, innovation, interactivity


EUROSAI Prague Post-Congress Get-Together (22-24/05/2022, Prague, Czech Republic)



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Head of the EUROSAI Presidency team

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Deputy Head of the EUROSAI Presidency team

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Member of the EUROSAI Presidency team
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Jana Blechová

Member of the EUROSAI Presidency team

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Head of the International Relations Department