International Hackathon

SAI Czech Republic
Mr Jaroslav Broža
Ms Jana Gabrielová

Do you want...

  • Some fresh air for your work?
  • Inspiration for the future of audit?


Be there!

  • Try new aplications, visualisations, and other products from the first international hackathon of SAIs in Prague.


Products for

  • easier work
  • more effective SAIs
  • easier international comparison

Attention! It is not only for programmers and data analysts!

  • Be creative!
  • Imagine the most helpful and interesting aplication for you.
  • Inspire each other.
  • Everything is possible - see the video bellow!

Vote for the best product from the international hackathon

  • Which product is the most interesting or inspirational?
  • Which do you want to have?
  • Which visualisation do you like?

Be prepared for the future of the auditor's work.


Full version of the workshop description (PDF)