EUROSAI Audit Database

Exactly 84 audit results were newly published in the final quarter of 2023 in the EUROSAI Database of Audits. The total number of audits shared there slightly exceeded 4,200 as of 31/12/2023.

Audits uploaded to the Database in the final quarter of 2023 were, for example, focused on "Health and Social Care". Another frequent subject of audits was "Environment and Natural Resources" or "State procurement", often associated with "Housing, Property and Construction".

The subject “Energy” has not remained outside the interest of the supreme audit institutions either. SAIs focused not only on the quality of management or security of supplies but also on questions related to the possibilities of reusing solar panels and wind turbines when their lifespan is over.

You can view the visualisation of the statistical data as of 31/12/2023 in this interactive map. SAI Czech Republic, responsible for the Database, highly appreciates the work of all EUROSAI members, who have devoted their time to sharing their knowledge through the EUROSAI Database of Audits.