in Prague

April 2021


04/12/2020 Due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the EUROSAI Governing Board has approved the suggestion of the Supreme Audit Office of the Czech Republic to divide the XI EUROSAI Congress in two parts:

  1. An institutional part will be held online on 14 and 15 April 2021 and it will encompass two meetings of the EUROSAI Governing Board and the compulsory parts of the Plenary Sessions.
  2. A technical part in a form of a standard conference, with all the workshops, the marketplace, and the rest of the administrative topics, will take place in Prague when face-to-face meetings are possible again.

Despite the hard times, we are very much looking forward to seeing you online in April 2021. Please follow this Congress website for updates and news!

08/06/2020 @EUauditors revised work programme and prepared new audits related to dealing with COVID 19 in the EU. They also made Knowledge Node the platform for sharing information between ECA auditors. Colleagues from ECA also helped as volunteers.

05/06/2020 The new situation has brought a lot of challanges to SAIs. Cooperation and sharing of information are more important then ever before. BIEP offers a platform for our cooperation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Would you like to know more?

03/06/2020 Each of the three Congress days was to embody the 3Cs - communication, cooperation and comparison. And this vision is still alive. So let´s share and compare how we have changed our work in these difficult times.

03/06/2020 @NKUSR has also adopted new ways of work. SAI Slovakia has found out how people are helping each other in the COVID times. And who has helped our Slovak colleagues?

02/06/2020 Today would have been the second day of the EUROSAI Congress. Instead, we are going to inspire you with activities that will help develop your muscles and lift your spirits: volunteering and supporting people in need.

01/06/2020 Today could have been the first day of the XI EUROSAI Congress but everything is different now. We have decided to spend the three upcoming days with you this way. We are going to show you how we helped to handle the hard times.

This is #hackeurosai :)




EUROSAI is the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions. It was established in 1990 and currently has 50 members. In 2017, SAI of Turkey took over 3-year presidency from Netherlands and in 2020, the presidency will be passed to the Czech SAO as a result of successful candidacy in 2017. The objectives of the organisation are to promote professional cooperation among member SAIs and other organisations, to encourage the exchange of information and documentation, or to work towards the harmonisation of terminology in the field of public sector audit.


Vision of the Congress

The main message is "3C-3E-3I". It expresses the goal to provide all participants with easily accessible and usable information for their work. Information they will be able to readily use upon their arrival home. Participation in the Congress should be the impetus for each delegation that desires to instantly propel their work forward to the benefit of citizens in the given country. It is the citizens to whom SAIs should bring added value.

Vision of the Congress (pdf 1,52 MB)

Benchmarking Information Exchange Project

BIEP stands for Benchmarking Information Exchange Project. It's a flexible form of cooperation between Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs). BIEP is a tool that gives encouragement to share ideas and experiences based on the same methodology for a particular area. Compared to other forms of cooperative audits - parallel audit, joint audit and coordinated audit, it is much easier to share data and information within BIEP. BIEP contributes to saving time and audit costs.



María José de la FUENTE Y DE LA CALLE

President of the Spanish Court of Audit

Seyit Ahmet Baş

President of the Turkish Court
of Accounts

Miloslav Kala

President of the SAO
Czech Republic